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Imagine cruising the pristine waters of the Whitsundays on your own luxury Superyacht.
It’s not a dream….You can do this with Elite Superyachts! We have a range of yachts to make your event memorable and you’ll be surprised at just how little it costs!

A superyacht charter is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be matched by any other mode of transport or journey. It provides you with incredible freedom, unrivalled seclusion, superb service, and utter opulence, allowing you to enjoy life from a different perspective.
Once on board the crew will look after your every need.

Mohasuwei AU $2500

Mohasuwei stands out with its contemporary playful styling and elevated waterline showing ...
2009 / 2018

Sophia AU $1500

Sophia is a sparklingly pristine 85t superyacht available for smaller groups of up to 30 g...
2008 / 2015

Infinity Pacific AU $3500

Infinity Pacific offers the perfect mix of leisure and discovery in a splendid superyacht ...
2007 /

Corroboree AU $2800

Corroboree is one of the few superyachts in Sydney offering a day guest capacity of over 1...
1988 / 2017

Masteka 2 AU $3250

Masteka 2 is a grand, sweeping 122ft modern superyacht notably cruising Sydney Harbour for...
2009 /

Sahana AU $3250

Sahana is the crown jewel of super yachting. As one of Sydney’s most opulent superyachts...
2008 / 2014

AU AU $3100

Making a resplendent splash in Sydney Harbour’s waters, AU is the newest superyacht arri...
2018 / 2019

Quantum AU $2750

Quantum is an elite luxury superyacht for small to medium sized groups of up to 45 guests.
2009 /

Ghost 2 AU $2800

Ghost II is a 122ft Majesty superyacht distinctly created to suit up to 110 guests for lux...
2016 /

Lady Pamela AU $1600

Lady Pamela is a 100ft Azimut luxury Superyacht available for charters in Sydney during th...
2003 / 2017

Oneworld AU $2800

Oneworld has redesigned luxury yachting in Sydney. This new and fresh superyacht has sophi...
2018 / 2019

The Whitsundays is located along Queensland’s central coast in north-eastern Australia, approximately 1,120 kilometres north of Brisbane and 630 kilometres south of Cairns. Getting to the Whitsundays is easy with daily flights into the Whitsunday Coast via
Proserpine airport (approx 30 minutes from Airlie Beach) and the Great Barrier Reef via Hamilton Island airports.

The subtropical climate provides beautiful summers and mild winters, making cruising a great option year round. Temperatures are similar to Honolulu in the northern hemisphere and Mauritius in the southern hemisphere.

The islands are sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, which makes this tropical paradise ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving or just dropping anchor in one of the many secluded coves. The region is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters, colourful marine life including tropical fish, humpback whales, dolphins, turtles and an array of birdlife and offers some of the best sailing in the Southern Hemisphere. The Whitsunday islands are a complex ecosystem with thousands of animals and plants, including rare and endangered species.

The subtropical climate provides beautiful summers and mild winters, making cruising a great option year round. Temperatures are similar to Honolulu in the northern hemisphere and Mauritius in the southern hemisphere.

The Whitsundays is home to well known islands such as Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Hook Island and Daydream Island. Hamilton is the largest inhabited Island and
a major arrival and departure point for the region with Hamilton Island Airport and
Hamilton Island Marina being a key transport hub.

Surrounding the Whitsunday islands are ‘fringing’ reefs—coral reefs that form in clear waters around continental islands and occasionally along the mainland. Approximately 400 species of corals are found in the marine park, and exploring these reefs is one of the most popular visitor activities. Fringing reefs often contain a surprising diversity of corals, especially soft corals which survive better than hard corals in water with a high sediment load.

One of the most popular destinations is stunning Whitehaven Beach. Whitehaven Beach stretches for seven kilometres and is famous for its pure white sand. The sand is 98 percent pure white silica, which gives it a brilliant near luminescent colour. Whitehaven differs from most beaches in the Whitsundays, which tend to have coarser sand that includes fragments of shell and coral.
Popular spots for snorkelling are the northern bays of Hook, Hayman, Black and Langford Islands.
Many visitors comment on the aquamarine shade of the sea throughout the Whitsundays. Very fine sediment suspended in the region’s waters scatters sunlight as it penetrates the water, creating the shade of blue that makes the Whitsundays famous.
The Whitsunday Islands National Park in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, is made of 74 islands and the best way to explore this beautiful region is by boat. All the islands and their surrounding waters (collectively known as ‘the Whitsundays’) have international protection as part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. In addition, some islands have been declared national parks by the Queensland Government. The six national parks of the Whitsundays are: Whitsunday Islands National Park, Gloucester Islands National Park, Molle Islands National Park, Lindeman Islands National Park, Repulse Islands National Park and Holbourne Islands National Park.
Whilst most of the islands in the Whitsundays are uninhabited, they are characterised by dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches.
Whether you are entertaining clients, looking for that perfect Conference event or just planning a great get together with friends we have a super yacht for you. Set sail on your Superyacht for a Sunset Cruise, full day cruise or overnight experience – there is a cruise to
suit everyone’s needs.