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Superyacht Charters Sydney

Sydney Harbour is your premiere location offering phenomenal views whether it be a day or evening function. Always abuzz with activity, a luxury harbour cruise offers a great backdrop for morning pow-wows or brunches, inspiring team meetings or announcements or an evening cocktail to impress that pivotal client.
If you are planning your next event and wish to organize a truly memorable and monumental one – then your choice of venue is key, and there is nothing else like having that event whilst cruising on one of our gorgeous superyachts.

One O One $3500 /hr

One O One is a 120ft superyacht unlike any other that have graced Australian seas, as it h...

Masteka 2 $3250 /hr

Masteka 2 is a grand, sweeping 122ft modern superyacht notably cruising Sydney Harbour for...

Sahana $3250 /hr

Sahana is the crown jewel of super yachting. As one of Sydney’s most opulent superyachts...

Shadow $3250 /hr

Shadow is a sleek, 100ft modern Italian Superyacht allowing up to 35 guests for an exclus...

Aquabay $3150 /hr

Aquabay is a magnificent 70-foot Italian-style sports yacht perfect for all types of event...

AU $3100 /hr

Making a resplendent splash in Sydney Harbour’s waters, AU is the newest superyacht arri...

Ghost 2 $2800 /hr

Ghost II is a 122ft Majesty superyacht distinctly created to suit up to 110 guests for lux...

Oneworld $2800 /hr

Oneworld has redesigned luxury yachting in Sydney. This new and fresh superyacht has sophi...

Corroboree $2800 /hr

Corroboree is one of the few superyachts in Sydney offering a day guest capacity of over 1...

Quantum $2750 /hr

Quantum is an elite luxury superyacht for small to medium sized groups of up to 45 guests.

Mohasuwei $2500 /hr

Mohasuwei stands out with its contemporary playful styling and elevated waterline showing ...

Seven Star $2500 /hr

Seven Star is a 98 foot Azimut Leonardo superyacht acclaimed for hosting luxurious parties...

As a symbol of triumph and achievement, reward your favored patrons and employees by hiring a luxury yacht. Whether you’re planning a small gathering of 10 people or a large gathering of 200, the outstanding range of superyachts available for corporate charter allows you to match boat size and on-board amenities to you and your guests’ needs.
Choosing a luxury boat hire or superyacht assures your event is managed by a seasoned Captain or Master with well-practiced and efficient boat crew. An onboard professional Chef will be busy preparing fresh and delectable menus, making sure your guest’s dietary requirements are looked after. Take in the bay views whilst being served by cheerful and attentive wait staff. On a luxury charter superyacht, dine al fresco to wow your guests. This will make everyone feel at ease in a trendy, relaxed environment. It’s the perfect mix of work and pleasure, with a welcoming ambiance that makes guests feel right at home. After all, your company’s reputation is enhanced by the excellent service you receive on charter.

Corporate gatherings on our luxury charters are a breeze with superyachts featuring the most advanced communication, audio-video and presentation facilities. You can take advantage of the flexibility of onboard facilities such as informal meeting lounges or more formal conference room. Your superyacht charter will have Wi-Fi internet, email, and onboard phone systems so that everyone may stay connected to the office or home. Sundecks, aft decks, inner saloons, dining rooms, and lounges are all available for entertaining. If you’re holding a long-day event, a yacht’s staterooms and suites are the best-of-the-best in terms of amenities.
And because they give a platform for fresh experiences, energy and ideas – corporate yacht charters are becoming increasingly popular among CEOs and forward-thinking businesses. Going on a luxury boat charter is the finest way to broaden your horizons and foster shared adventure and task team solidarity.

For team development, enhancing colleague connections, and instilling a competitive spirit, look no further and hire a luxury yacht charter. Where water sports or onshore activities allow teams to collaborate and bond. Whilst onboard, have your employees unwind with water toys and contests and recognize and honor your top performers.
Hiring a luxury yacht is a complete package that includes cuisine, entertainment, lodging, and transportation. A superyacht not only provides the perfect setting for luxe cocktail and canapé events, but it also provides excellent meeting and networking opportunities. Another compelling reason to hire a superyacht is the ability to strongly advertise your luxury charter yacht with company banners, flags, and branding for utmost visibility.
A chartered luxury yacht offers a truly private and intimate experience. Your guests will be the only people onboard, and pick up and drop off wharves can be chosen for privacy or to create the most buzz! Cruising the harbour guarantees more privacy and focus to your desired agenda. The versatility of superyachts plays a big role in their popularity, from wharf-side festivities for hundreds to close business negotiations between only a few select clientele.

Photo ops on superyachts are iconic and make an impact that will linger long after the event has passed. Cruising on a superyacht provides a unique ability to relocate to various panoramic backgrounds making them ideal for photo shoots for your brand or company.
A high-profile location, such as a luxury charter yacht, can help you generate social media buzz and positive press. A superyacht is also the ideal venue for your next product launch. Before the “big reveal,” take journalists, influencers and other media on an afternoon luncheon for VIPs or perhaps a sunset cruise.
A glamorous afterparty is also a great way to promote your company, product or brand; and a luxury superyacht is the most striking and opulent of settings. Hire a luxury yacht before or after a convention, festival, tradeshow or athletic event. There is no better way to celebrate that throwing a superyacht party.

A superyacht charter is a once-in-a-lifetime event that cannot be matched to any other mode of transport or journey. It provides you with incredible freedom, unrivaled seclusion, superb service, and utter opulence, allowing you to enjoy life from a different perspective.